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Retirement Options

I’m Paul Steel of Pension Matters, I provide expert advice on retirement options.

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Ethical Investing

Ethical investment is known by a variety of terms including: ‘Green Investment’,

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Pension Freedoms

Commencing in April 2015, described as nothing short of a revolution the pensions landscape has been changed

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Pension Fund Your Business

Pension Self Investment opportunities to fund your business Self Investment

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Tax Free Cash

Tax Free Cash from your Pension Fund. You have to be aged at least 55 years old before you

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More of Your Pension Questions Answered

Trusts to protect my assets for my loved ones

Why use Trusts? Why do people use Trusts? Aren’t they just tax dodges for the rich? Why are these structures set up in tax havens? What different types of structures are available? How do I retain control? What else should I be aware of? How much do trusts cost to set up and run? Where…

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Moving existing pensions

Pension Transfers Don’t miss out! Your Pension could be worth more! We all know the importance of regularly reviewing retirement provision as part of your long term financial planning. This should include all the pensions that you have accumulated over the years in different schemes, including old company pension schemes you were a member of…

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Why should I bother saving for retirement?

The Basic State Pension is £87 per week. What more do you need to know? No seriously, how much more consideration to you need to give the issue? The country that loves you and has nurtured you throughout your life and allowed you to pay tax on your income, tax on your savings, tax every…

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