You will find a testimonial on each page of our website.  For extra reassurance of the high quality of our work and customer service we have additional feedback from our clients;

“Both me and my wife have been able to retire early. We are very happy with the pension plan and pension provider that I have invested in. Paul is always quick to respond to any questions that we have. Regular reviews are part of the service offered. I can’t think of anything that Paul could have done better. We were happy to put our total trust in him and his advice and have had no regrets.”
Derek Bainbridge, Newcastle

“Despite being very nervous about the whole process and in having to make such a huge financial decision, I found Michael to be very easy to talk to about financial hopes and fears and what I wanted from an early retirement. Decisions were complicated by company changes to pension schemes and Michael was able to steer me through all the various options open to me without adding to the stress and strain of making such a big decision.”
David Moffat, Northumberland

“Paul was very helpful. His advice was excellent and we are very happy with the service that has been provided. He ensured that the products offered suited my needs and requirements.”
Julie Siddy, Nottingham

“My situation is different to most as my husband is deceased and I still have 2 young children. Paul at Pension Matters advised me the best options and the best way forward to help me and my children with our future”
Helen McKerill, South Shields

“Michael’s understanding of my requirements coupled with his expertise and knowledge of his field guaranteed I achieved what I wanted rather than struggling to do it on my own. Michael was wonderful, he organised everything, kept us informed as to what was happening and gave us great advice. I am extremely happy with my new pension arrangements.”
Tim Atkinson, Tyne & Wear

“In these days when we hear so much bad press about pension scandals, it is very comforting to know that I am dealing with an adviser who is ethical, trustworthy and has the client’s best interests at the heart of his business.”
Margaret Reynolds, Gosforth

“Michael is very approachable. He knew what I wanted to achieve, he was very patient and explained everything in terms I could actually understand. That was probably the most important thing for me, Michael was very easy to talk to and I was comfortable asking questions about anything I wasn’t sure about.”
Jean Atkinson, Tyne & Wear

“What at first seemed to be a nightmare to sort out was made easy and I have already recommended Paul to family and friends. Any questions or queries have always been responded to quickly and efficiently whether by email or phone.”
Julie McHugh, Blyth

“I contacted Pension Matters on a recommendation from a friend to review my current pension pot and to get some clarity in what can be a very confusing marketplace. Michael was excellent, he gave me time to fully explain my current situation, my understanding of my current valuations and more importantly my long term strategy for a planned retirement age of 60. I am a firm believer in you pay for what you get, and the service provided by Michael and Pension Matters was excellent.”
John Cook, Tyne & Wear

“Having decided to take early retirement at the age of 59 years, I contacted Pension Matters and was introduced to Paul Steel. His advice was clear and concise and was more than willing to advise me on the many options available to me. I eventually chose a “Drawdown” investment and Paul’s sound and impartial advice was crucial in my decision. The investment has now been running for around a year and l am very happy with the results.”
Peter Moss, Tyne & Wear

“This professional team guided me through using layman terms, which made a nervous person comfortable”
Steve Drinkell

“I don’t think Michael could have done any better, the entire process was seamless”
Colin Howard

“Have saved all of my life so I wouldn’t trust just anyone with my money – rated five stars by me.”
John Ber

“We have been investing with Paul for four years now and have always found him to be professional and knowledgeable as well as highly confidential.”
Mr & Mrs H Brown, Chester Le Street

“I had no idea where to start with pensions and it all seemed incredibly daunting to me. Paul did a great job of simplifying everything whilst remaining factual and truly helping me get my head around it all”.
Nathan King, Newcastle

“I contacted Paul by a third person to help with transfer of a pension plan not knowing what to do and not knowing Paul I was a bit wary as you put a lot of trust in somebody doing this, all I can say is he was 100% trustworthy, helpful and I would recommend him and his company to anybody.”
Philip Jordan, Darlington

“I was kept informed throughout the process and I found the team to be very proficient to the point where I advised my ex wife to use the company to retrieve her share of the pension”
Peter Kilgallon, Jarrow

“I had a few pensions just sitting not doing much and I got in touch with a friend of mine who put me in touch with Michael Davidson. He sorted my pensions out and helped me invest them into what suited my needs best. Michael was very helpful and clear in his presentation and never once put me under any pressure.”
Alan Shipley, Tyne & Wear

“Paul is very professional and listens to what you are looking for, he explains everything in the simplest of terms without any of the pension jargon, and gave me the confidence to make the right decision for my situation. Paul laid everything out in a personal portfolio, based on the details that I had shared with him, so that I could read up on the pros and cons of my situation.”
Mick Richardson, Alnwick

“When I asked for my pension pot valuation, I found that although I had large sum my annual company pension wasn’t very much in comparison to the total pension pot. It is a huge decision to take all of the funds out of a pension pot, with no going back to the company scheme later on. Michael gave me a lot of time to decide that this was the correct decision, whilst offering plenty of options for investments to secure my retirement. It is still very early days (about 7 months) since I took the pension pot and invested it, but in that time, it has done very well.”
Stuart MacMillan, Northumberland

“In these uncertain times of Final Salary and Stakeholder pension fund performance, Paul’s advice and honest assessment made the decision easier to place my long term pension planning with his company.  He clearly made it clear both verbally and in writing the costs associated and what he could potentially deliver to my retirement strategy.   So far 14 months in my fund has moved forward well ahead of anything I could have managed on my own with my limited time available to me outside of work and family commitments.”
Dan McMeeking, Alnwick

“What at first seemed to be a nightmare to sort out was made easy and I have already recommend Paul to family and friends. Any questions or queries have always been responded to quickly and efficiently whether by email or phone.”
Julie McHugh, Blyth

“Good logical and unbiased help and advice.  Very happy with the service given and investments placed on our recently self-administrated pension fund.”
Mirror & Glass Processing Ltd

“I was looking for an IFA to advise me on unlocking a pension and advise me how to best invest it. Within a few hours I had an advisor contacting me, offering to meet and help me make a decision.”
Ken Hudson, Winlaton

‘The fund has performed very well, I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul for any pension and financial advice and will continue to do so in the future”.
Peter Hindmarsh, Newcastle upon Tyne

“I contacted Pension Matters asI needed to fully understand the options available to me before committing to my retirement. Michael was brilliant, he advised me of options I wasn’t aware of and helped me maximise my retirement fund. He was very good at identifying what may be the most appealing options to me and is always fast and efficient when I have questions. The outcome is far better than I anticipated.”
Jeanette Clennel

“I have been given first class advice from this company and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”.
Malcolm Tye, Hartlepool

“I had a number of workplace pensions that I wanted to consolidate. Having researched local advisers, Pension Matters had good reviews and offered the service that I was looking for. Michael arranged a home visit and reviewed all existing policies. He took great care to advise on what could and could not be moved, what the risk and benefits would be. I have managed to consolidate the majority of legacy pensions into one account which is easier and more cost effective to manage.”
Jonathan Gibson, Durham

“I required pension advice whether to take annuity or draw down, and also investment advice. Michael helped my wife and I understand the complexity of the different pensions available as well as giving us sound investment advice.”
Fred Dunlop, Tyne & Wear

“We feel better prepared for retirement and understand pensions more after our consultation with Michael. We are more than happy with the service provided by Michael and the subsequent support and contact we have had since.”
Barry Still, Tyne & Wear

“I required consolidation of a number of private pensions and also access to my pension upon reaching 55. Pension Matters brought all my private pensions into a single pension, explained clearly the process and advised on investment risks.”
David Blackburn, Tyne & Wear

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